Monday, February 7, 2011



life goals:

1. become Hispanic --totally feasible.

2. be on the amazing race. --season 20.  you have to be 21 and season 19 films before my birthday.
........still working on the enthralling back story to get selected as a team.

regular life:
i have spent a lot of time recently planning. planning my classes, planning my co-ops, planning a travel quarter. lots of planning. too much planning. i'm tired.

but the travel quarter is coming together so that is good.
spain, italy and greece are going to be amazing this summer. i'm very excited.

I've been color coding some calendars. they look lovely. very well designed, boom graphic design skills.

i just want everything to be planned and done and everything to be all set-up and ready to roll.

let's see, i was trying to find a new apartment, but that was impossible, so i am staying put for another year. it makes the most sense with the europe thing. i've decided to ask the land lady if i can paint a wall. that would be exciting. i think it would be a cool gallery wall.

i've also decided to be pinteresting. ( here ) i pinned a bunch of gallery wall inspiration. so we'll see what happens with that.

okay enough procrastinating. must go finish a grant application.

also, i've noticed i have recently had thousands of blog visits. must be a scam, i don't know thousands of people. hello scammers. please don't ruin my blog. that is all.

here is a cool illustration that looks a lot like a hipster pocahontas:

from here click it, it is polish.

you're welcome scammers.

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  1. We will conquer the amazing race! we will be full of interpersonal conflict! it will be great!