Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009


these look like they would be the most comfortable slippers in the world.

close second.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Snuggie's cousin: The Uni-Lazy available at

like the snuggie, only this one has LEGS!

purple boots!

I think I am going to get these:

they are from payless so they probably won't be too comfortable, but they will be cheap! score.

animaltastic rings

have you ever wanted to witness an epic battle between two animal species that can never possibly meet on earth!?

now you can!

(mulitple unicorns, silver unicorn, octopi)

mix and match the Linda Smyth/Fleathers rings and you will have your own personal animal fight right at your fingertips.



found the lucky brand boots online.
with free shipping and free returns.

I think I will buy them even though they are 200 dollars. if they suck, I can always send them back...and then go buy the cowboy boots from DSW...

perfect plan.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

avoiding laundry

this is what I am doing with my time instead of my laundry...
found this:


how silly.

snuggie to host show during fashion week

it is about time the snuggie received proper respect in the fashion world.

there is an entire website devoted to capturing sightings of the elusive long-sleeved blanket and fueled by this parazzi-like attention, the snuggie will have the spotlight for a runway show during new york fashion week!

all snuggie styles will be featured, including the 'snoggie' (snuggie for dogs), the designer/wild side snuggies in outrageous animal prints, and the classic snuggies in pink and blue.

perhaps a new snuggie style will be unveiled at this prestigious event....fingers crossed.

to follow the snuggies wherever they go, click here: SNUGGIE


I want to try these on.

the first pair are by siwy, and the second are from mango


animal ears are sweeping the nation!

coming soon to scenesters and aspiring playgirls near you.

can't sleep

it seems I am an insomniac this week.

every time i try to fall asleep tonight I am faced with the startling mental clip of ross geller shouting "my sandwich!?, MY sandwich!?" it is a lot more frightening than one would think. it is strange though because i don't picture the scene the same way as the Friends episode, instead I see some kind of weird spiral-y, hypnotic thing, with ross's face just circling around and around repeatedly chanting "my sandwich" .

I don't know what this means.
but I am terrified, and exhausted.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

brown boots

Lucky Brand $199

Bandolino $149

Nine West $99

BCBGeneration $149

Steve Madden $99

any comments on which pair is the best? or suggestions of other brown boots.....

I am looking for something flat or maybe stacked heel, that could be casual or dressed up....

thanks hannah, since you are probably the only person who will read this and respond.

catwoman sweatshirt!


Tripp NYC 'cat-girl' hoodie

sadly, it is 60 dollars.

it is still awesome though...