Sunday, August 1, 2010

headboard and painting

since my appendix surgery and the week I spent on the couch watching HGTV, I have become obsessed with remodeling blogs.  I want to make this headboard for my future room. the remodelaholic website has a how-to.

also as I'm writing this I get to listen to my downstairs neighbor jam. I'm convinced he is the least musically talented person in the whole world. and his jam space is conveniently located directly below my bed. boo.

I want to make things for my future room/house. today I started a painting, but I have to add some splatter paint type things on it and I think I will finish it tomorrow.  it looks like this, I found it online and decided to sort of copy it. I'm using blue though instead of the red.


  1. omg i found a headboard like that that i wanted to make but had no idea how! thanks, friend, now i can craft something. you're so handy.