Thursday, February 4, 2010

new thing:

I haven't written anything in awhile... so to avoid all my work, I think I'll list some things I've done Winter quarter:

In January I had a hot phone date with the IRS so that was cool. Debbie and I are great pals now.

also, I went to go see Spring Awakening and it was awesome! then while creeping about on the internet, found out that Hunter Parrish used to be the lead guy! so, i'm sad he wasn't still in that role, because I think we are meant to be married.

In my photo class rachel has been kind enough to be my model! for this series, she got to wear 36 accessories! lucky. as you can tell in the photo, she was sooo happy!

In my Drawn Design class, I'm drawing a wrench all quarter, yay!
here is a a version of the wrench, I had to scan it in a few pieces and haven't quite finished putting it together yet... right now we are creating a line drawing on the computer of the same object woohoo!

other classes:

Spanish is cool we are learning about food right now, so that is awesome.
Economics: I don't attend so I don't know how that class is...

We have been house hunting for a while and found one we really like, so hopefully we get it and can be on our way to becoming REAL PEOPLE.

This weekend is the Dance Marathon so I get to stay in the Rec Center for 24 hours and dance for the children!

nap time.
thanks dedicated readers.

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