Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I think I may be addicted to fab.com ....

They have so many well designed posters and products as well as funny/weird things... most of it is  heavily discounted from the original price too! score.

I think the part about fab that I like most is their credit system. I bought a backpack from them, and it arrived a few days late so they gave me a free $10 credit. I used that on this:

amazing bluebird corkscrew.

then they had a $10 black friday credit for all members...

so I bought this cool USB hub-man:

he hasn't arrived yet.

and finally I got some mysterious referral credit from my roommates mom for $25 and bought this dish set.

so far I have bought 5 things and paid only the shipping cost for 4 of them...

my roommate is obsessed too, he cannot stop looking at fab

if you want to join or know anyone who would like to join, click here

**** also sorry this post sounds like an infomercial, but I just really like fab. and if you join you can invite other people and start earning credits too!! win, win.

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